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BLD Vodcasts

The BLD vodcasts (video podcasts) are divided into two categories: TCTL (the Today's Children, Tomorrow's Lawyers programme) and LLP (the Legal Launch Pad programme).

BLD Vodcasts Introduction

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The TCTL vodcasts

TCTL Vodcasts The TCTL vodcasts have seven modules filled with a wealth of practical advice and valuable and relevant information on everything - from which GCSE and A-level subjects are best to take, work experience, universities, different routes into the profession, CVs and application forms to how much qualified lawyers can expect to earn. It is targeted at 14-to-17-year-olds, but those who are older and considering a career in law will also benefit.  

TCTL Module 1: (Different routes into the profession)

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TCTL Module 2: (Academic requirements and other necessary attributes)

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TCTL Module 3: (The various career options available on qualification)

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TCTL Module 4:  (CVs and application forms - online and offline)

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TCTL Module 5: (The covering letter)

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TCTL Module 6: (Jargon-busters)

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TCTL Module 7:  (The in-house lawyer)

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The LLP Vodcasts


LLP VodcastsThe LLP vodcasts have three modules filled with guidance on interviews - preparing for an interview, what questions to expect, what to wear and the dos and don'ts. It is targeted at those aged 18 and over, although those who are younger may also benefit from it.

LLP  Module 1: (Interview hints and tips - preparation)

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LLP  Module 2: (Interview hints and tips – the interview process)

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LLP  Module 3: (Interview hints and tips – the dos and don’ts)

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LLP Passing Out Ceremony

Watch the 2008 Legal Launch Pad Passing Out Ceremony, which took place at the Canary Wharf headquarters of Barclays.

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